Kaleidoscope Necklaces

by Art de Corps

Image of long necklace
Kaleidoscope Necklace, long, $55.00

The Czech beads that we use give us a variety of brilliant colors and interesting shapes that catch the light as you move. This necklace moves gracefully and can be worn with everything from suits to jeans.

Three lengths are available: The shorter version ($45.00) is approximately 16" long and lays beautifully along your collar bone. The longer version ($55.00), pictured above, is approximately 22", and fits easily over a sweater or blouse.  The medium version ($50.00) is, well, between the other two.  All necklaces are hand-knotted for durability and fluid movement and come with a sterling silver lobster clasp.  Since each necklace is individually handmade, please allow for some variation.

Colors scheme choices are:  Warm (clear red, cobalt blue, teal, light amber, etc.), Bright (opaque red, emerald green, cobalt blue, sky blue, etc.), Jewel (maroon, purple, teal, amber, cobalt, etc.), Cool (teal, purple, black, maroon, etc.), as well as monochromatic necklaces in Blue, Red, and Black (not pictured).

We also have Kaleidoscope Earrings and Bracelets available.

Image of warm set
Image of bright set
Image of jewel set
Image of cool set