Kaleidoscope Bracelets and Earrings

by Art de Corps

Image of Kaleidoscope earring
    Kaleidoscope Earrings, sterling silver, $15.00
    Warm (teal and amber), left
    Black (clear and black), right
Image of Kaleidoscope bracelet
    Kaleidoscope Bracelets, $32.00

Our earrings are the perfect accessory for the Kaleidoscope necklace or simply elegant on their own.
We select two different colors of Czech glass drops for each pair and color selection may vary.
Approximately 1 1/4" long. Available in color schemes (see descriptions below) to compliments our necklaces and bracelets, on sterling silver posts.

The colorful beauty of our Kaleidoscope line in a bracelet. A variety of color palates (see descriptions below) compliment different moods, outfits, or seasons. Each bracelet is hand-knotted for durability and graceful movement.  Approximately 7" to 7 1/2" long, adjustable.

Kaleidoscope Color Schemes: Warm (clear red, cobalt blue, teal, light amber, etc.), Bright (opaque red, emerald green, cobalt blue, sky blue, etc.), Jewel (maroon, purple, teal, amber, cobalt, etc.), Cool (teal, purple, black, maroon, etc.),
as well as monochromatic versions in Blue, Red, and Black.